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About us


UAB Virtualių paslaugų operatorius is one of the first companies in Lithuania which develops and implements a new generation e-commerce system, which includes the sale and management of services and accounts administration. VPO e-commerce system provides one-time money transfer transactions, payment initiation (PISP) and account information (AISP) services.

In 2006 the first payment was accepted in Lithuania at the UAB Reitan Convenience Lithuania kiosk in Vilnius through the e-commerce system developed by VPO. With the help of our e-commerce system, the company’s partners receive new sources of income and can offer innovative services to their customers.

VPO develops and implements a modern e-ticket information system in public transport, which provides the opportunity to use public transport conveniently, innovatively and flexibly at an optimal price.

The professional team works to offer the company’s partners and their customers the latest and best quality services at an optimal price. Every year we invest in the quality of services provided, system security, improvement and other technological innovations.

Payment services

E-commerce system provides one-time money transfer transactions, payment initiation services (PISP) and account information services (AISP).

E-ticket system

An innovative, account-based electronic ticket information system that can be flexibly adapted to the customer's needs.


Individual consultations, insights and recommendations of experts with many years of experience, focused on the maximum profit for the client.

Information systems

Detailed and customer's business processes oriented design of information systems according to global standards and best practices.

Development of individual solutions

Development of individual information systems for various purposes, using the latest technologies and innovative architectural and technological solutions.

Support of information systems

Continuous maintenance of already implemented and used information systems and monitoring of health indicators and urgent elimination of malfunctions.

We are exceptional:

We have one of the most powerful transaction processing engines, so we guarantee a stable provision of payment services 24/7.

We support solutions 24/7, so we resolve all issues in the shortest possible time.

Clear conditions for cooperation allow for a long-term and reliable partnership.

We provide an opportunity to reduce the cost of collecting payments by connecting to the e-Commerce platform for free.

We are market professionals, so we always choose the optimal and customer-oriented solution.


Payment transactions per day


Public transport
passengers per day


Administered systems

Quality policy

We guarantee the highest quality services.

Payment institution license

The Payment Institution license issued by the Bank of Lithuania allows to ensure the highest quality and transparency in providing payment services to customers. You can view the payment institution's license here.


While providing services, we ensure cooperation only with partners who comply with the VPO quality policy, and we maintain and develop long-term relationships with existing customers based on mutual respect and trust.


We ensure the highest level of customer service by updating technologies and raising the competencies of employees. We respond to the growing needs of our customers and technological changes, so we are constantly expanding our services.

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